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Building Bridges: MICC’s Community Engagement and Interfaith Collaboration

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Traditionally, a brief prayer and words are offered by the Mayor’s Chaplain at the commencement of council meetings. However, Mayor Richard Williams chose to invite representatives from both MICC and Philip Goldenberg from North West Surrey Synagogue to lead the prayer and share brief remarks. Representing MICC were Sarfraz Ali, our General Secretary, and Bilal Ahmad, Head of MICC Madrasa on Wednesday, 17th April 2024. Their speeches centred around the importance of community cohesion and emphasised our shared values as residents.

During the event, Bilal Ahmad recited a Surah from the Quran in Arabic, with an accompanying English translation for the benefit of the Council Members. The entire session was recorded, and interested individuals can view Bilal’s contribution between the time stamps 3:10 and 5:28 in the video provided below.

Additionally, Mayor Richard Williams took the opportunity during the meeting to express gratitude to MICC for extending an Iftar invitation during Ramadan, a gesture which was deeply appreciated, this can be viewed at time stamp 10:11 on the video.

We also extend our appreciation to Philip Goldenberg for his insightful words, underscoring the significance of interfaith collaboration in enriching our communities and fostering understanding among diverse groups. Through collective efforts and mutual respect, we believe we can achieve remarkable progress in enhancing the well-being of our shared community.

Link to the video – click here to watch the video