About MICC

Welcome to Molesey Islamic Cultural Centre

Molesey Islamic Cultural Centre (MICC) was founded in 2001 and has been serving the local Muslim community for over 22 years. There has been no Masjid within a five mile radius of our locality and we have been required to hire different venues for 5 times Salah, Jumu’ah, Eid and children’s classes up until until 2019.
Through the Support of our strong Muslim Community we had managed to raise 1 million pounds to purchase the pre existing community club and transform it into the masjid that the community deserves, allowing us to bring all Muslims in the area together and to continue to instil the Islamic values into the future generation.
Not only is this a place of Worship but also a place where the younger generation can feel safe, comfortable and have the facilities to bond and create relationships with fellow Muslims in the area.

Our Vision

To advance the religion of Islam for the benefit of the public through the holding of prayer meetings, lectures, public celebrations of religious festivals, producing and/or distributing literatire on the Islamic faith to enlighten others about the Islamic religion. To advance the education of the public on the subject of Islamic religion.

Executive Committee

Shamim Ahmed


Mosharf Ali

Vice President

Sarfraz ali

General Secretary

Asadhur Rahman

Joint Secretary

Rahim Miah


Mohammed Rouf

Joint Treasurer

Sijarul Islam

Chief Advisor

Zakir Hossain

Press Secretary

Foyez Ahmed


Member of


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